Katie Wilsson, Jesolyn Lucas & Tara Harrison join the team at The Pilates Movement.  Katie will be teaching Sundays 10am-3pm; Mondays 7am-9am; Wednesdays 6pm-9pm.  Jesolyn will be teaching Mondays 7am-1pm.   Tara will be teaching Tuesdays 1pm-4pm & Thursdays 3pm-8pm.

New Group Classes:

Tuesdays 12:15pm Level 1 Tower w/Lacey; 2pm Open Mat w/Tara (beginning 11/11)

Wednesdays 7pm Open Tower w/Katie  

Thursdays 5:15pm Open Mat w/Tara 

Sundays 10am Level 2/3 Mat w/Katie & 11am Combo Mat/Tower w/Katie

  to view our complete schedule and to register for classes  online